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Blueprint Courier Services

Plan Checks / Field Verifications / As Builts / Courier Services
About Us
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Who We Are
Blueprint Courier Services is a family owned and operated business designed to help those in the building and design industry
save time, energy and therefore capital!  We provide a much needed service to Architects, Contractors and Homeowners by
performing the time consuming documentory requirements that take away from the more important task of giving your clients and
projects the attention to detail they demand! 
What We Do
Blueprint Courier Services can submit your plans to the required Governmantal agencies throughout much of the Southern California region.
We also provide as built services to help with the cricial '1st step' in preparing you designs for the initial submission.
  • Save your valuable time away from the office! 
  • Field Verification Service 
  • Plot Plans 
  • Have us provide your as builts in CADD 
  • Complete design services through our partners 
  • Plan Printing 
  • Door to Door service 
  • Out of area as built Verification service available 
  • Complete Plan Check Service up to RTI

                   (Ready To Issue)

  • Health, Fire and Building Dept.submissions 

Call Us Today!

Please feel free to contact our office anytime so we can work together to build a relationship that can make your plan check headaches a thing of the past!


Just call the number below or use the CONTACT US link to email our office for a prompt call back or email reply. We look forward to hearing from you!